Nail dipping powder


How to get gorgeous, healthy and strong nails:

You've tried gel polish/Shellac nails, acrylic/gel, spent thousands on salon visits and still your nails are thin and weak!

You've tried all the nail hardeners, cuticle creams and everything else. STILL your nails continue to chip and break.

Imagine if you could do your nails at home in about 30 minutes, have them look gorgeous, feel strong and last 2 weeks or more!

Finally, there is a solution!


Rock Your Nails dipping system is a dip powder system using pigmented powder and a brush on gel to provide strong, shiny, long lasting colour to your nails.

No UV light needed - air dries quickly in just minutes!

how to do your own nail dipping

-Easy and fast application      -Strong, protects the natural nail

-Can also be used on tips     -Dries super fast     -Minimal filing and dust

No UV/LED light needed     -Free product support    -Affordable pricing    -Australian business


nail dipping powder

Very easy to use, beautiful colours and excellent customer service. About to place an order for some glitters!

Joyce L Nail Dipping kit January 13, 2020



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