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The secret to a professional style manicure at home.

Traditional nail polishes take forever to dry; Gel polish is great if your nails are already strong and healthy. Our dip powder system provides colour as well as a protective coating that allows your nails to grow underneath an looks stunning.

Our fast drying formula needs no light to dry – dries in just 1 minute after your final coat.

How it works:

A Gel like resin is applied to the nail and dipped into the powder colour of your choice. An Activator/Sealer is applied to dry the nails fast, followed by our Top gel to provide shine and extra strength.

Easily removed with acetone in 5-10 minutes.

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Our Happy Clients

“Very easy to use, beautiful colours and excellent customer service. About to place an order for some glitters!”
Joyce L
Nail Dipping kit January 13, 2020

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