ROCK YOUR NAILS Dipping Powder

ROCK YOUR NAILS Nail Dipping System

This new dipping powder is compatible with other brands, it's easy to apply and looks amazing!

We have a range of gorgeous dipping colours, chosen to reflect current trends. Shades of red, pink, purple, blue, glitter and orange, green - a rainbow of colours to suit all tastes and skin tones!

How to create beautiful strong nails with ROCK YOUR NAILS dipping powder:

  1. Prep and sanitize the nails
  2. Apply one coat of base, dip in colour powder
  3. Apply a second coat of base and dip again.
  4. Optional - Apply a 3rd coat for of base and dip again
  5. Apply Activator over entire nail
  6. File and shape nails using a 180 grit file
  7. Block buff
  8. Remove dust - wash hands. *Dry nails thoroughly
  9. Apply Activator over entire nail.
  10. Wait a few seconds for Activator to dry
  11. Apply two thin coats of topcoat
  12. Nails will be dry in less than 2 minutes!





One thought on “Step by Step Nail Dipping Powder

  1. I switched to nail dip powder because it doesn’t contain toxins and doesn’t require UV lamp. My nails feel strong and healthy.

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