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5 Quick Nail Dipping tips

5 quick Nail Dipping tips

Dipping is an easy way to get great looking, strong shiny nails!

Nail dipping gives your nails strength, stops them from breaking and enables them to grow.

Here are some tips to get your nails looking gorgeous and professional:
  1. Apply your base super thin. This will give you a nice even coverage when you dip, meaning a smoother finish with very little filing needed, saving you precious time and effort!
  2. Sealer must not come into direct contact with your top or base gel. If your top gel brush touches Sealer on the nails it can harden your brush and your product. (It’s designed to dry the nails fast after all) But the Sealer is needed to dry the top gel. Confusing?                  Solution: After applying your final Sealer, give it a wipe with a lint free cotton square or tissue, then apply your top gel. This will ensure there is no wet Sealer to come into contact with your Top gel.
  3. Apply a coat of clear powder as a final coat – this will protect your colour from being filed away and looking patchy
  4. Use Natural base powder as a first coat on 2/3 of the nail only (avoid the cuticle area) to give your nails extra strength and shape.
  5. When removing, soak off only in pure acetone. Avoid filing the surface of your natural nails or pulling off the nails – these will cause damage and weaken your nails.

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