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Have you ever had your top gel brush go hard or the product thicken in the bottle?

If this has ever happened to you here's how to prevent it:

Looking after your brushes correctly is crucial to long lasting products and beautiful dip powder nails!

The liquids in your kit are designed to work together to create fast drying, strong nails. If used incorrectly it will diminish the life of your products.

 Why did my brush go hard?

First, lets talk about ACTIVATOR. This is a crucial product for doing your own dip powder nails. 

Activator is designed to CURE your dip powder gels. 

If you were to pour a drop of Activator into your Base or Top Gel bottle it would start to thicken and eventually harden - because that's what it's designed to do!

If you are having a problem with your Top gel thickening or hardening this means that at some point in the process the two products (Top gel and Activator) have come into direct contact.

Most likely when you applied your Top Gel while the Activator was not completely dry on your nails!

The solution is simple: 

Your nails must be 100% dry before you go in with your Top gel.

After your Activator, just before your Top gel:

Wipe over the nails with a lint free square or tissue.

This removes any Activator that is still on the nail surface. If wet Activator remains on the nail it can harden your brush or make your top gel go gluggy.

Now you can apply your Top Gel without having to worry!



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