How to Prep your dipped nails correctly to avoid lifting

How to Prep your dipped nails correctly to avoid lifting.

With any nail system, including plain old nail polish, nails can chip, peel, break or lift.
There is no such thing as permanent nail enhancements - no matter which product you choose to coat your nail nothing is forever.
Your nail grows and moves and over time the bond between your nail and the product weakens.
The stronger the bond the longer the nails will last.
And the key to a strong bond is in your preparation.

Here are the steps I use to prep the natural nail for nail dipping:

Step 1
Sanitise. Get your client to wash her hands using soap and a nail brush. A clean surface not only helps the product stick but is essential for prevention of infection. You can also apply hand sanitiser as an extra precaution.
Step 2
Push back the cuticles gently using a good quality metal cuticle pusher.
If there is a lot of pterygium use a cuticle remover to remove the dead skin.
* why?
Nail Products don't stick to skin due to the natural oils on the suface. The tiniest bit of skin will repel your product.
Step 3
In the old days nail techs were taught to 'rough up' the nail surface using a nail file  -
Do not do this!
Our dipping nail powders are more sophisticated now and adhere to the nail plate without excessive filing!
All you need to do is remove the shine (oil) from the surface of the nail. You can use a gentle block buffer for this.
Gently buff the entire nail surface making sure you don't miss any part of the nail.
Step 4
Wipe over the enture nail using a gauze wipe with isopropyl alcohol.
Make sure there is no dust left on the nail.
The nail plate needs to be as clean as possible
Once you have complete these steps do NOT touch the nail (or let your client)
This will put oil from your skin on the nail plate and you will be back to square one.
Now that the nail plate is squeaky clean you are ready to apply your product!
Happy dipping!

Do you have a filing technique?

Do you have a filing technique?

If not, you need one!

Here's what I do:

Using a 180 grit/medium file or 100 grit if you want courser - just don't be too heavy handed.

  1. Shape nail
  2. File around cuticle
  3. File nail surface to even out any lumps or inconsistencies
  4. Check down the barrel of the nail to ensure the thickness is even.
  5. Block buff entire surface to remove scratches.

To minimise filing (and service time) focus on good product application so there is only minimal filing needed.


rock your nails dipping powder

Dipping Nail video class step by step

SNS Dipping Nail video class step by step

Are you confused about how Dipping nails and other dipping systems work?

In this video I go through my step by step procedure for dipping nail application.
From nail prep to precise techniques for nail dipping to produce beautiful nails in less time.
In this video I am using Rock Your Nails dipping powders with SNS liquids
Watch the video:
Do you have questions about dipping?
Feel free to get in touch!
diy nail dipping

Step by step guide to Nail Dipping Powder Polish

Step by step guide to Nail Dipping Application

Step by step guide to Nail Dipping powder



Step 1

Prep all 10 nails - push back cuticles and remove shine using a block buff. Clean with alcohol on lint free wipe.

Step 2

OptionalBefor your colour application apply 1 coat of Base to 3/4 of the nail only. Dip into clear powder. This initial coat will provide extra strength for longer nails. Repeat on all 10 nails.

Step 3

Apply 1 coat of Base over entire nail, avoid touching the cuticle or skin.

Dip into colour powder

Brush dust away.

Repeat on all 10 nails

Step 4

Apply a second coat of Base and dip into colour again.

Repeat on all 10 nails.

Step 5

Apply another coat of Base. Dip into powder. (Colour or clear)

You can use Clear powder for your final coat to protect the colour from filing and add extra strength.

Step 5

Brush Activator over entire nail

Wait until product is dry enough to file (approx. 1 min)

Step 6

Shape nails, file surface gently to smooth out any bumps.

Step 8

Block buff to smooth out the nail surface.

Step 9

Wash hands/remove dust.


Step 10

Ensure nails are completely dry. Any moisture left on the nails will ruin your Activator and Topcoat

Apply Activator to all 10 nails.

Step 11

WAIT a few seconds for the Activator to evaporate.

Again there must be no moisture remaining - this may cause your topcoat brush to harden.

Apply 2 thin coats of SHINE

Wait 1-3 minutes for nails to dry.

*If nails are still sticky apply Activator again to dry the top shine.





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Step by Step Nail Dipping Powder

ROCK YOUR NAILS Dipping Powder

ROCK YOUR NAILS Nail Dipping System

This new dipping powder is compatible with other brands, it's easy to apply and looks amazing!

We have a range of gorgeous dipping colours, chosen to reflect current trends. Shades of red, pink, purple, blue, glitter and orange, green - a rainbow of colours to suit all tastes and skin tones!

How to create beautiful strong nails with ROCK YOUR NAILS dipping powder:

  1. Prep and sanitize the nails
  2. Apply one coat of base, dip in colour powder
  3. Apply a second coat of base and dip again.
  4. Optional - Apply a 3rd coat for of base and dip again
  5. Apply Activator over entire nail
  6. File and shape nails using a 180 grit file
  7. Block buff
  8. Remove dust - wash hands. *Dry nails thoroughly
  9. Apply Activator over entire nail.
  10. Wait a few seconds for Activator to dry
  11. Apply two thin coats of topcoat
  12. Nails will be dry in less than 2 minutes!