Frequently Asked Questions about our Nail Dipping system


​Q:  Why is my Top Gel taking a long time to dry or not drying with a shiny finish?
A: After the second coat of activator is applied, let it dry for 1- 2 minutes before you apply the first coat of #3 top gel. The first coat of #3 is to be applied thin and fast. The second coat can be applied a tiny bit thicker

Q:  How do I remove Dipping Powder? 
A: Soak your nails in 100% acetone. Our preferred method is to place a small amount of acetone over a folded paper towel in a ceramic bowl. Place the bowl over another bowl of hot water.

Place fingernails in the top bowl and rub on the paper towel to remove in 5-10 minutes.


Q:  The lid on my base or top Gel is stuck, what happened?

A:  These products are very strong adhesives. You  need to be careful to NOT get any product on the neck of the bottle, as this will cause the lid to stick.

We recommend wiping the neck of your bottle with acetone after each use to keep it from sticking.

You may also use a cuticle oil on the bottle neck to make it easier to open (make sure you do not get any other product in the bottle)

If your bottle does stick try soaking in hot water for a minute to loosen it.

Q:  My Dip Powder has been on a few weeks and is now growing out – can I refill it?

A:  We recommend removing your color each time, then reapplying fresh colour.

Q: My nails are lifting!

A:  There are several reasons that may cause this. Preparing your nails correctly for product application is crucial. Check our blog post about nail prep for more information.

Q:  My Top Gel is getting thick…

A:  Your top gel may thicken if ther activator on your nails is still wet. Make sure you allow the Activator to dry for a minute before applying top gel. If the Activator gets on yout top gel brush, then you put it back in the bottle, it can cause your top gel to harden. See this post for more information.


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Return/Refund Policy

Due to our high standards of sanitation, we will not accept returns or exchanges on any open products or products damaged by customer negligence or change of mind.

If you have a problem with a product please contact us within 7 days of purchase. We will not accept returns without prior discussion.