nail dipping powder instructions

Nail Dipping Instructions

How to use Nails on the net dipping powder system

Follow our step by step instructions to get beautiful, strong healthy nails at a fraction of the cost!

(Scroll down for our recommended nail prep procedure)

1. Paint a thin coat of Gel BASE onto the nail, a hairline away from the cuticle. Dip into colour powder. Tap and brush to remove excess powder.
4. Repeat 1- 2 times. 
6. Brush on ACTIVATOR to help dry nails
7. File and shape nails if needed, smooth off with block buffer.
8. Dust off or wash hands, ensuring nails are completely dry before going on to the next ste

9. Apply ACTIVATOR to all 10 nails

10. WIPE nails with a lint free cotton square or tissue.  (If ACTIVATOR is left wet on the nails it could cause your TOP GEL to harden in the bottle.)
11. Apply two thin coats of TOP GEL – See note below
12. Enjoy your new nails!


*As per Step #10, do NOT allow Activator to come into direct contact with Top or Base gel. Always wipe to remove residue, otherwise it may set your product in the bottle.

*The Base and Top gels are very strong glues. ALWAYS take a minute to clean your bottle necks (wipe with acetone on a lint free square ensuring no acetone goes into the bottle)  to prevent product drying out and lids sticking. If your lid gets stuck run it under hot water to loosen it – do not try to force it open.


To ensure longer lasting results we recommend the following nail prep before applying any kind of nail product:

1. Wash hands
2. Sanitise hands and nail plate
3. Shape nails and file down length if desired.
4. Push back cuticles
5. Remove shine using block buffer
6. Brush away dust
7. Cleanse nail plate using alcohol or nail polish remover/acetone