Step by Step Nail Dipping Powder

ROCK YOUR NAILS Dipping Powder

ROCK YOUR NAILS Nail Dipping System

Rock Your Nails dipping powder is compatible with other brands, it’s easy to apply and looks amazing!

We have a range of gorgeous dipping colours, chosen to reflect current trends. Shades of red, pink, purple, blue, glitter and orange, green – a rainbow of colours to suit all tastes and skin tones!

How to create beautiful strong nails with ROCK YOUR NAILS dipping powder:

  1. Prep and sanitize the nails
  2. Apply one thin coat of base, dip in colour powder
  3. Apply a second coat of base and dip again.
  4. Optional – Apply a 3rd coat for of base and dip again
  5. Apply Activator over entire nail
  6. File and shape nails using a 180 grit file
  7. Block buff
  8. Remove dust – wash hands. *Dry nails thoroughly
  9. Apply Activator over entire nail.
  10. Wait a few seconds for Activator to dry
  11. Apply two thin coats of topcoat
  12. Nails will be dry in less than 2 minutes!

Julie Morrow

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  1. Polish Perfect - June 12, 2017 Reply

    I switched to nail dip powder because it doesn’t contain toxins and doesn’t require UV lamp. My nails feel strong and healthy.

    • Julie Morrow - February 11, 2019 Reply

      Me too!
      Dipping nails ROCK!

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