Our exclusive Ezi nails dip powder system is an easy to use system that is suitable for professional nail techs and home users.

Our dip powder is:

  • a way to easily create stronger, healthier nails
  • Fast drying in 1 minute with no smudging
  • Easily removed in 10 minutes
  • Easy to apply with our unique step by step application system
  • Suitable for professionals and home users
  • Does not damage your nails
  • an Australian business
  • We also offer free product support and tutorials - got a question? Ask away in our free Facebook nail support group



We provide a range of unique beauty products with a focus on organic and natural ingredients.

Our exclusive hair and skincare range, Retreat Hair Body Skin is formulated with gentle, yet effective natural ingredients making our products suitable for sensitive skin types.

We believe that effective beauty products do not need to cost the Earth.
Many products on the market use pretty, yet expensive packaging that is often unable to be recycled and the high cost is added onto the products paid for by you, the consumer.

Our packaging is simple, clean and eco friendly with the emphasis being on the quality of the product itself.



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We are a full service salon offering hairdressing, beauty and nail services as well as training to learn new techniques and perfect your art.