Q:  Why is my SHINE Gel taking a long time to dry or not drying shiny?

A: After the activator is applied, let it dry for a few seconds until the liquid evaporates before you apply the first coat of SHINE.

Apply the first coat of Shine thinly and quickly.

Apply the second coat after all ten fingers have had the first coat.

For more info on this topic see this blog post


Q:  How do I remove Rock Your Nails Dipping powder?

A:  Soak the nails in 100% pure Acetone in a ceramic bowl. To speed up the process, place the bowl on top of another bowl of warm water. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

See this video to watch how it’s done


Q:  The lid on my Base or Shine is stuck, why did this happen?

A:  Our Base and Shine are strong adhesives.

If you get any product on the neck of the bottle it will stick the cap to the bottle. Get into the habit of wiping excess product off inside (not outside) the neck of the bottle.

We also recommend wiping your bottle neck with a lint free wipe with acetone to prevent this. Be careful not to get acetone into the product.

Q: What do I do if my bottle gets stuck?

A: We recommend the following:

Do not force the lid if it is stuck.

Soak the bottle in warm water for a few seconds. Use a tea towel to carefully remove the lid.


Q:  My Rock Your Nails Dipping Powder is lasting so long that my nails are growing and there is a gap at my cuticle – can I refill or do need to remove and re-apply the product?

A:  We recommend soaking off your colour each time.


Q:  My nails are lifting, how can I stop this from happeniing?

A:  If you are experiencing lifting we recommend preparing your nails using our preferred nail prep method.

Watch the video

Q:  My Shine coat is getting thick, why is this happening?

A:  The reason your Shine Gel is getting thick is because there is wet Activator on the nails.

If there is Activator remaining on the nails and it gets on the brush, then you put it in Finish Gel bottle, it can cause this to happen.

Wait a few seconds for the activator to dry before applying Shine.

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